world rally

World Rally Cross

The Rallycross World Championship has 12 rounds and started on March 31 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. We give you some details of this great event that, had Cooper Tire  among its various sponsors.

world rally

The Keys to the RallyCross World Championship

In the absence of a final round, these are the teams that started in Barcelona :

-EKS RX: This is a Swedish team and entered the team championship in 2015. It is supported by the Audi Sports factory and its riders are Mattias Ekström, Reinis Nitiss, and Toomas Heikkinen.

-Hoonigan Racing Division: It is an American group formed by Ken Block in 2010. It is backed by Ford and has as its own Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud pilots.

-GRX: At the head of this team is Marcus Gröholm and is backed by Ford. It was a surprise for their participation because on the day limit for the inscription in the worldwide the news leaked that Gróholms would run.

-Speedy Motorsport: Kia is the one who supports this Hungarian team, headed by Italian Gigi Galli and Lucács Kórnel (CsuCsu).

-Racing: The French entered the championship with very high expectations. They have a permanent pilot, Jean Baptiste Dubourg, and a rookie who will participate in five races throughout the World Cup. The new pilot is Gréiogoire Demoustier and it is Peugeot who protects them.

-MJP Racing Team Austria: Max Pucher leads this team, although he will not participate, in principle, in any test. He is accompanied by Timo Scheider, Andrew Jordan and Kevin Eriksson. Its constructor is Ford.

-Stard: He is the great rival of MJP Racing Team Austria. Similar cars (also built by Ford), great pilots and the same flag. Although Stard has a double advantage: the drivers Timur Timerzyanov and Janis Baumanis.

-Loco World RX Team: It seems difficult to get a good position, but have the support of Volkswagen to prove the opposite. Guy Wilks is the one who is taking care of it.

-Peugeot Hansen: It is the union between the pilot Kenneth Hansen and the manufacturer Peugeot. Hansen is the pilot with the most European titles and leads the team to his two sons: Timmy and Kevin Hansen, as well as Sébastien Loeb.

-Petter Solberg RX Volkswagen Sweden: A team that surprised since its formation. Johan Kristoffersson joined Petter Solberg and have two Volkswagen Polo.

So far, Hoonigang Racing Division has confirmed that it will not return to the competition, with which Andreas Bakkerud will have to look for a new car. Although the results have not been bad, they do not seem enough for Ford. On the other hand, Johan Kristofferson and Petter Solberg did not surprise anyone by winning the team championship and even less after the whole world saw how they dominated.

The World Cup will end on November 10 at the Killarney Motor Racing complex in Cape Town, South Africa. The maximum tension for this desired conclusion is just around the corner. All the looks of the fans are focused on what is to happen next days.

What do you think will be the expected results for this great event?

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