horse jumping

The Most Important Horse Jumping Competitions

Do you know which are the most important horse jumping competitions internationally? This sports discipline, consisting of overcoming a course of several obstacles without knocking them down at any time, is included in various championships. We tell you below.

The contests are disputed according to certain parameters: timed, by power, hunting, time trial, etc. It should be noted that the equestrian jump is one of the best-known disciplines in horseback riding, in addition to one of the most modern.

horse jumping

The intention of the horse jump is for the rider to be able to demonstrate the skill he has in the horse’s guide in a very specific space. The success of rider and horse will make them pay a lot and get sponsors who will finance their trips and stays in the destinations where the competitions are held.

What is the most important horse jumping competitions?

Now, let’s know the most important horse jumping competitions

-World Championship of Equestrian Jumps: It is the highest international competition of this discipline and has been carried out since 1953. So far, Germany is at the head of the medal table with 9 world titles and 17 medals.

– European Championship of Equestrian Jumps: it is one of the most important competitions in Europe and has been carried out every odd year since 1957. As in the World Championship, Germany is in the highest position with 21 European titles and 49 medals.

-Rolex FEI World Cup: It is one of the most coveted prizes in the world of horse jumping. It is organized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) since 1978 and in just a few years it has gained immense popularity and prestige.

Longines Global Champions Tour: It is the horse circuit with the highest economic endowment in the world and within its program, the International Jumping Competition is established. This space brings together the best jumpers with the intention of winning the high cash prizes.

Did you know these horse-jumping competitions? Tell us which are the most important for you.

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