The Municipal Swimming Pools Begin to Open Their Doors

During this week and throughout the month of June, the municipal swimming pools of each locality begin to open their doors for the summer. With the arrival of good weather and to alleviate the high temperatures, sports complexes become a good option. Some places on the peninsula such as Soria will not open their swimming pools until July, once the festivities of San Juan are over.

 Municipal Swimming Pools

It is convenient to go to our nearest municipal pool to inform us about their schedules and about their prices since in each city there are different regulations and costs. Normally, people registered in a municipality have discounts and there are also 10-use tickets with better prices than for those who are not enrolled.

There are different prices according to age since for example children and retirees pay less. There are also season tickets for bathers who want to go to the pool every day, and there are different deductions for families with incomes less than double the Interprofessional Minimum Wage.

The schedules pools may also vary, usually open from early in the morning until about 20 or 22 hours and weekends usually have longer hours.

Basic precautions in swimming pools

At the time of taking a bath in the municipal swimming pool as every year it is advisable to take into account basic precautions such as the following: the importance of swimming , bathing in areas supervised by lifeguards, respecting the regulations, not bathing after drinking alcohol and leaving immediately of water if you feel a headache, cramps, chills or vertigo.

In municipal swimming pools, it is important to use the appropriate footwear (flip-flops and rubber shoes) that we must use especially in humid areas exposed to the sun because it is where there is more fungal culture. We must always walk with them both when we approach the pool and in the changing rooms or showers. Anyway, it is advisable to take a shower before and after getting into the water to eliminate possible microorganisms.

Basic Styles in Swimming

Basic Styles in Swimming

The basic styles in swimming can be defined as the model or pattern of the movements to be made and whose main purpose is to save energy. The four styles are known worldwide for being the most common when swimming are breast style, crawl, butterfly style, and back style, also known as back. Let’s learn a little more about them.

Swimming is one of the most complete sports since it allows us to exercise very diverse parts of our body. If you like this discipline or any other and you want to be attentive to the latest sports news, in spaces like TUIN you will find the ideal place to be informed.

Basic Styles in Swimming

Main styles in swimming

– Brace style or also known as chest: It is the only style whose stroke has its recovery in water, ie the recovery is aquatic, and in its phases does not have the action of pushing. Its phases of movement are as follows: grip or sweep out, pull or sweep in or recovery.

-Crawl. In this style, the swimmers use an action of arms and an alternative foot shake. A complete cycle of this style is composed of a complete action of the right arm, a complete of the left and a variable number of leg styles. The movement of arms is alternative and while one moves forward through the air with the hand ready to enter the water, the other arm moves forward under the water in the opposite direction to the other arm.

– Butterfly style. It is one of the fastest styles, after the crawl. The realization of the butterfly uses a shake or dolphin kick with the legs simultaneously downwards and upwards, that is, with both legs together and at the same time, being the downward action that provides the propulsion. The action of arms is also performed simultaneously.

-Style back. It is the only style in which the face is submerged in the water, except in turns and exits. It consists of an alternative action of the arms and legs. Unlike the crawl, the swimmers are on their backs, in the dorsal position.

Of all these basic swimming styles, which is your favorite?

Manchester City

Manchester City, the Team That Has Spent the Most on Signings This Summer

The Manchester City continues its ongoing investment to try to win the Champions League for the first time in history and has been the team that has spent more money on new players during the transfer window which closed last Friday.

Manchester City

Guardiola’s team, which last year did not win any title in the first year of the Spanish coach on the bench, has spent 244 million euros with the aim of winning the Premier League again and three years later and ending the imposed dictatorship for Real Madrid in Europe. The English team has spent almost 300 kilos on Mendy (57,5), Walker (51), Bernardo Silva (50), Ederson (40), Danilo (30) and Douglas (12).

Second in the list of clubs that have spent the most is the PSG, which has revolutionized the world of football after ‘taking’ Barcelona to Neymar after depositing the clause of rescission of the player of 222 million euros. The Parisian team has reached 238 million after having paid 16 for the Spanish side Yuri Berchiche. The leaders of the French team have also obtained the assignment for which they will pay 180 million euros next summer to bargain for financial fair play.

In the third position is the Chelsea of ​​Antonio Conte that has spent 202 million in players like Morata (65), Bakayoko (40) or Rudiger (35) and is followed by Milan who wants to return to be a big man of Europe after an investment of 192 million.

The fifth team that has invested the most money in this transfer market has been the Barcelona that has had, after receiving 222 million PSG, had to pull the checkbook to find a replacement for Neymar. The Cole team chose the Dortmund player from Dembelé for which he paid (105 million more variables) and also hired Paulinho (40), Semedo (30), Deulofeu (12) and Marlon (5). All up to a final expenditure of 192 million. Behind Barcelona is United de Mou who has invested 164 million in the signings of Lukaku (84.7), Matic (44.7) and Lindelof (35).

Despite not being among the five that have spent more, Real Madrid is still a favorite to win the Champions according to the odds of victory of the white team in the Kiev final is paid at 5 per euro wagered. The second favorite is the PSG (paid at 7.5) followed by Bayern and Barcelona, ​​whose win is paid at eight euros.

Real Madrid only spent 46.5

The current champion of the last two Champions League has not needed to completely remodel his squad and has continued with his recent transfer policy based on talented young players. The Madrid club has spent only in this market that closes next Friday 46, 5 million in signings and has entered 126. The purchases of Theo Hernandez (30 million) and Ceballos (16.5) joined to the sales of Morata (65), Danilo (30), James Rodriguez (cession for 13 million), Mariano (8), Diego Llorente (7) and Burgui (3) have been a benefit for the entity of 79.5 million euros.

world rally

World Rally Cross

The Rallycross World Championship has 12 rounds and started on March 31 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. We give you some details of this great event that, had Cooper Tire  among its various sponsors.

world rally

The Keys to the RallyCross World Championship

In the absence of a final round, these are the teams that started in Barcelona :

-EKS RX: This is a Swedish team and entered the team championship in 2015. It is supported by the Audi Sports factory and its riders are Mattias Ekström, Reinis Nitiss, and Toomas Heikkinen.

-Hoonigan Racing Division: It is an American group formed by Ken Block in 2010. It is backed by Ford and has as its own Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud pilots.

-GRX: At the head of this team is Marcus Gröholm and is backed by Ford. It was a surprise for their participation because on the day limit for the inscription in the worldwide the news leaked that Gróholms would run.

-Speedy Motorsport: Kia is the one who supports this Hungarian team, headed by Italian Gigi Galli and Lucács Kórnel (CsuCsu).

-Racing: The French entered the championship with very high expectations. They have a permanent pilot, Jean Baptiste Dubourg, and a rookie who will participate in five races throughout the World Cup. The new pilot is Gréiogoire Demoustier and it is Peugeot who protects them.

-MJP Racing Team Austria: Max Pucher leads this team, although he will not participate, in principle, in any test. He is accompanied by Timo Scheider, Andrew Jordan and Kevin Eriksson. Its constructor is Ford.

-Stard: He is the great rival of MJP Racing Team Austria. Similar cars (also built by Ford), great pilots and the same flag. Although Stard has a double advantage: the drivers Timur Timerzyanov and Janis Baumanis.

-Loco World RX Team: It seems difficult to get a good position, but have the support of Volkswagen to prove the opposite. Guy Wilks is the one who is taking care of it.

-Peugeot Hansen: It is the union between the pilot Kenneth Hansen and the manufacturer Peugeot. Hansen is the pilot with the most European titles and leads the team to his two sons: Timmy and Kevin Hansen, as well as Sébastien Loeb.

-Petter Solberg RX Volkswagen Sweden: A team that surprised since its formation. Johan Kristoffersson joined Petter Solberg and have two Volkswagen Polo.

So far, Hoonigang Racing Division has confirmed that it will not return to the competition, with which Andreas Bakkerud will have to look for a new car. Although the results have not been bad, they do not seem enough for Ford. On the other hand, Johan Kristofferson and Petter Solberg did not surprise anyone by winning the team championship and even less after the whole world saw how they dominated.

The World Cup will end on November 10 at the Killarney Motor Racing complex in Cape Town, South Africa. The maximum tension for this desired conclusion is just around the corner. All the looks of the fans are focused on what is to happen next days.

What do you think will be the expected results for this great event?

horse jumping

The Most Important Horse Jumping Competitions

Do you know which are the most important horse jumping competitions internationally? This sports discipline, consisting of overcoming a course of several obstacles without knocking them down at any time, is included in various championships. We tell you below.

The contests are disputed according to certain parameters: timed, by power, hunting, time trial, etc. It should be noted that the equestrian jump is one of the best-known disciplines in horseback riding, in addition to one of the most modern.

horse jumping

The intention of the horse jump is for the rider to be able to demonstrate the skill he has in the horse’s guide in a very specific space. The success of rider and horse will make them pay a lot and get sponsors who will finance their trips and stays in the destinations where the competitions are held.

What is the most important horse jumping competitions?

Now, let’s know the most important horse jumping competitions

-World Championship of Equestrian Jumps: It is the highest international competition of this discipline and has been carried out since 1953. So far, Germany is at the head of the medal table with 9 world titles and 17 medals.

– European Championship of Equestrian Jumps: it is one of the most important competitions in Europe and has been carried out every odd year since 1957. As in the World Championship, Germany is in the highest position with 21 European titles and 49 medals.

-Rolex FEI World Cup: It is one of the most coveted prizes in the world of horse jumping. It is organized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) since 1978 and in just a few years it has gained immense popularity and prestige.

Longines Global Champions Tour: It is the horse circuit with the highest economic endowment in the world and within its program, the International Jumping Competition is established. This space brings together the best jumpers with the intention of winning the high cash prizes.

Did you know these horse-jumping competitions? Tell us which are the most important for you.

Practice Sandboarding

What Do I Need to Practice Sandboarding?

What do I need to practice sandboarding safely? Possibly you have raised this issue when embarking on a sport like this. In our Sports blog, we tell you which material is the most appropriate.

Practice Sandboarding

What is sandboarding?

The sandboarding is a sport similar to snowboarding, only instead of descending the snow is down dunes or sand hills. This practice is included in the category of extreme sports.

There are several hypotheses about how this sport originated and its evolution. There are those who say that it appeared in Brazil and who believe it happened in the United States. In any case, this discipline has led to the development of a strong industry worldwide.

It relates much to snowboarding not only by the apparent resemblance but because indeed both keep the same lines of action.

What to keep in mind to practice sandboarding?

The main thing that we should value is the table. If we get used to snowboarding, we can not take the table we use for it. And is that the proper board of sandboarding requires a formica base. Although not forgetting the wax or paraffin in each descent to get a perfect glide. Usually, the boards are made of wood and fiberglass, pressed with epoxy resin and with melamine phenol finishes.

On the other hand, for the sandboard, we must also use boots that are fixed correctly to the board. They have to be rigid, especially in the area of ​​the ankles, so that we avoid injuries.

In addition, it is advisable to wear light clothing, light colors and comfortable because in those areas of dunes it is very hot. It would also be wise to carry a bottle of water or some type of rehydrating drink to protect us from dehydration.

Before letting ourselves be carried away by adrenaline it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the terrain so that we check that the sand is correct, that is, that it complies with the appropriate characteristics, such as that it is not wet or wet and that it remains firm.

Another question that you have to know is that you never have to let go or lose the board while climbing the dune, because if you fell it would go so fast that we could not stop it. The problem derived from this is not so much having to descend again in search of the table (with what it costs to raise in itself), but that we can harm another person.

It is important not to devote ourselves to practice during very hot hours. The idea is to do it during the first hours after sunrise and the last hours of the afternoon.

Once you know what you need to practice sandboarding, get the appropriate material to reinforce the safety of your own physical well-being.

Subaru Xv

Subaru Xv, Compact, Sporty and Resistant

Speed, endurance and strength are some of the skills necessary to undertake any elite sports activity. These same characteristics are what brings the new Subaru XV, do you want to know a little better? In that case, do not miss the next video.

Subaru Xv

How is the new Subaru XV?

Improving in all its aspects to its predecessor, the Subaru XV is presented as a completely new compact. For this model is still betting on the traction Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the own boxer engines, which has already made more than 17 million approximately.

From the aesthetic point of view, we have a compact and discreet compact in equal parts, with a distance between axes 30 mm higher than previous precedents. It is precisely the hexagonal grille in black that gives the front a sporty look, which will be reinforced with new front optics sharper design and, therefore, more avant-garde if possible.

If we penetrate inside, we will find really amazing details as is the case, for example, of the seams of the seats and moldings of the dashboard in orange. We are facing a spacious and practical interior.

Nor can we overlook the new 8-inch multifunction screen that presides over the dashboard of the Subaru XV and from which you can drive the so-called Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Likewise, it could be said that the second LCD screen located in a raised central position, in which the graphics are particularly innovative, is more important. The boot also increases five liters compared to the original model, reaching a total of 345 liters.

Another innovation that affects this vehicle is with respect to the so-called eyesight, the preventive safety system with braking and steering, which will reduce the number of accidents significantly.

This XV range comes with two engines and up to four trim levels. It has one of 1.6 of 114 CV and a 2.0 of 156 HP, both atmospheric. The finishes that we can highlight are Sport, Sports Plus and Executive Plus for 2.0.

What do you think of the new Subaru XV to undertake your journeys by road?