Practice Sandboarding

What Do I Need to Practice Sandboarding?

What do I need to practice sandboarding safely? Possibly you have raised this issue when embarking on a sport like this. In our Sports blog, we tell you which material is the most appropriate.

Practice Sandboarding

What is sandboarding?

The sandboarding is a sport similar to snowboarding, only instead of descending the snow is down dunes or sand hills. This practice is included in the category of extreme sports.

There are several hypotheses about how this sport originated and its evolution. There are those who say that it appeared in Brazil and who believe it happened in the United States. In any case, this discipline has led to the development of a strong industry worldwide.

It relates much to snowboarding not only by the apparent resemblance but because indeed both keep the same lines of action.

What to keep in mind to practice sandboarding?

The main thing that we should value is the table. If we get used to snowboarding, we can not take the table we use for it. And is that the proper board of sandboarding requires a formica base. Although not forgetting the wax or paraffin in each descent to get a perfect glide. Usually, the boards are made of wood and fiberglass, pressed with epoxy resin and with melamine phenol finishes.

On the other hand, for the sandboard, we must also use boots that are fixed correctly to the board. They have to be rigid, especially in the area of ​​the ankles, so that we avoid injuries.

In addition, it is advisable to wear light clothing, light colors and comfortable because in those areas of dunes it is very hot. It would also be wise to carry a bottle of water or some type of rehydrating drink to protect us from dehydration.

Before letting ourselves be carried away by adrenaline it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the terrain so that we check that the sand is correct, that is, that it complies with the appropriate characteristics, such as that it is not wet or wet and that it remains firm.

Another question that you have to know is that you never have to let go or lose the board while climbing the dune, because if you fell it would go so fast that we could not stop it. The problem derived from this is not so much having to descend again in search of the table (with what it costs to raise in itself), but that we can harm another person.

It is important not to devote ourselves to practice during very hot hours. The idea is to do it during the first hours after sunrise and the last hours of the afternoon.

Once you know what you need to practice sandboarding, get the appropriate material to reinforce the safety of your own physical well-being.

Subaru Xv

Subaru Xv, Compact, Sporty and Resistant

Speed, endurance and strength are some of the skills necessary to undertake any elite sports activity. These same characteristics are what brings the new Subaru XV, do you want to know a little better? In that case, do not miss the next video.

Subaru Xv

How is the new Subaru XV?

Improving in all its aspects to its predecessor, the Subaru XV is presented as a completely new compact. For this model is still betting on the traction Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the own boxer engines, which has already made more than 17 million approximately.

From the aesthetic point of view, we have a compact and discreet compact in equal parts, with a distance between axes 30 mm higher than previous precedents. It is precisely the hexagonal grille in black that gives the front a sporty look, which will be reinforced with new front optics sharper design and, therefore, more avant-garde if possible.

If we penetrate inside, we will find really amazing details as is the case, for example, of the seams of the seats and moldings of the dashboard in orange. We are facing a spacious and practical interior.

Nor can we overlook the new 8-inch multifunction screen that presides over the dashboard of the Subaru XV and from which you can drive the so-called Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Likewise, it could be said that the second LCD screen located in a raised central position, in which the graphics are particularly innovative, is more important. The boot also increases five liters compared to the original model, reaching a total of 345 liters.

Another innovation that affects this vehicle is with respect to the so-called eyesight, the preventive safety system with braking and steering, which will reduce the number of accidents significantly.

This XV range comes with two engines and up to four trim levels. It has one of 1.6 of 114 CV and a 2.0 of 156 HP, both atmospheric. The finishes that we can highlight are Sport, Sports Plus and Executive Plus for 2.0.

What do you think of the new Subaru XV to undertake your journeys by road?


Main Rules of Curling, the Sport of Strategy

Do you know the rules of curling? Curling is a winter sport that faces two teams on an ice rink. Learn more about its rules in the next lines.

The competition is based on the sliding of granite stones on ice. When the pitcher has done his part, the rest of the team members use brushes to act on the icy surface and modify the direction of the stone or facilitate its advance.

Although it is not well known in our country, it is an Olympic sport since the end of the nineties. Even so, in Spain, there are curling clubs in the Basque Country, in Catalonia, Jaca, Leon, and Madrid.


How to play curling

To know how to play this sport, we must know some of the main rules of curling, which we highlight in the following lines:

-A game, called end is the delivery of 8 stones for each team. The team that wins an end will start the next one.

-The stones of the track that have touched the sideline, that do not go farther from the hogline and those that move farther from the bottom line, will be eliminated.

-Each team is composed of four members.

-The score is calculated based on the number of stones that have been placed as near as possible to the central area of ​​the house.

-The lead is the one in charge of throwing the first two stones, sweeps the rest of his teammates and will take care of the clock.

-The second will throw the next two stones and will sweep the stones of the first and third player.

-The vice-skip will launch the fifth and sixth stones, also designing the strategy.

-The skip is the captain of the team and guides him in the plays, in addition to throwing the seventh and eighth stones.

What do you think of these curling rules? Did you know them? Have you ever played this sport? How was your experience?

Macronutrients and "Sport": How They Help You Feel Satiated

Macronutrients and “Sport”: How They Help You Feel Satiated

Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are the ” macronutrients “, three elements as important in our diet as micronutrients. The macronutrients are elements that will help us feel satiated so that we will eat less without going hungry or eating few calories, which would harm our performance when doing “sport”; but you have to know how to control them since not all macronutrients are equally satiating.

Macronutrients and "Sport": How They Help You Feel Satiated


What are the most satisfying macronutrients

We can make a ranking with the most satisfying macronutrients and the order, from most to least satisfying, would be the following: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The protein can be obtained from meats (white and red) from animals raised in the wild, from bluefish, from legumes (such as lentils), from free-range eggs or from raw milk.

When you consume raw or natural foods, the body takes longer to process them, so they are more satiating, while the liquids and processed are not so satiating.

But proteins or carbohydrates will not only help you feel satiated and eat only what you need. They are also two basic macronutrients when it comes to sports. Proteins and carbohydrates are the fuels of the body, their sources of energy, so we will have to eat well to be able to perform in training.

A healthy and balanced diet will provide us with the necessary macronutrients to feel satiated and that our performance does not suffer.

Beyond food, we can also access macronutrients such as proteins through the MyProtein supplementation products , which offers us a large number of products with which to take advantage of all the benefits of macronutrients in sports and that will help you feel satiated But this is not all, given that now, with the special discounts of Cuponation, we can get an additional discount on MyProtein products.

The Bicycle, the Ideal Sport to Enjoy the Outdoors

The Bicycle, the Ideal Sport to Enjoy the Outdoors

According to the president of the Health Center of the German University of Sport, Dr. Probose, there is a relationship of inverse proportionality between those who use the bicycle and those who go to the doctor more frequently. If those people who come to the hospital for muscle problems, overweight or cardiovascular diseases often ride a bicycle, not only would improve their health, but these problems would disappear. And with only 10 minutes of pedaling you already get benefits in the level of muscles, joints and blood circulation.

The Bicycle, the Ideal Sport to Enjoy the Outdoors

Benefits of cycling for health

The health benefits of cycling are numerous, however, there are areas of our body that benefit in a special way. To use the bicycle in an assiduous way will have an impact mainly on the cardiovascular and muscular levels :

  • Direct benefits on your heart and the entire cardiovascular system: Riding a bicycle helps reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by more than 50%. As you pedal your heart rate increases considerably as blood pressure drops. In this way, the heart works by saving energy while reducing LDL cholesterol or damaging to health. In this way, the blood vessels are rejuvenated and gain in flexibility and resistance.
  • The back and abdominal area: The vast majority of backaches have their origin in physical inactivity. When riding a bicycle, we force our muscles to work under tension, which stimulates their strengthening and resistance. In addition, the continuous movement of the legs strengthens the resistance of the lower back in a very high way and prevents the appearance of herniated discs. In addition to the abdominal area, the dorsal vertebrae also benefit from the practice of this sport as they compress and extend alternately during pedaling.

So besides being fun and rewarding, if you ride your bike habitually your health will thank you. And we can not ignore that it is also a means of transport that is respectful of the environment and to which the main cities are increasingly encouraging, installing bicycle racks or providing bicycle rental service to move around the city in a sustainable manner.