Practice Sandboarding

What Do I Need to Practice Sandboarding?

What do I need to practice sandboarding safely? Possibly you have raised this issue when embarking on a sport like this. In our Sports blog, we tell you which material is the most appropriate.

Practice Sandboarding

What is sandboarding?

The sandboarding is a sport similar to snowboarding, only instead of descending the snow is down dunes or sand hills. This practice is included in the category of extreme sports.

There are several hypotheses about how this sport originated and its evolution. There are those who say that it appeared in Brazil and who believe it happened in the United States. In any case, this discipline has led to the development of a strong industry worldwide.

It relates much to snowboarding not only by the apparent resemblance but because indeed both keep the same lines of action.

What to keep in mind to practice sandboarding?

The main thing that we should value is the table. If we get used to snowboarding, we can not take the table we use for it. And is that the proper board of sandboarding requires a formica base. Although not forgetting the wax or paraffin in each descent to get a perfect glide. Usually, the boards are made of wood and fiberglass, pressed with epoxy resin and with melamine phenol finishes.

On the other hand, for the sandboard, we must also use boots that are fixed correctly to the board. They have to be rigid, especially in the area of ​​the ankles, so that we avoid injuries.

In addition, it is advisable to wear light clothing, light colors and comfortable because in those areas of dunes it is very hot. It would also be wise to carry a bottle of water or some type of rehydrating drink to protect us from dehydration.

Before letting ourselves be carried away by adrenaline it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the terrain so that we check that the sand is correct, that is, that it complies with the appropriate characteristics, such as that it is not wet or wet and that it remains firm.

Another question that you have to know is that you never have to let go or lose the board while climbing the dune, because if you fell it would go so fast that we could not stop it. The problem derived from this is not so much having to descend again in search of the table (with what it costs to raise in itself), but that we can harm another person.

It is important not to devote ourselves to practice during very hot hours. The idea is to do it during the first hours after sunrise and the last hours of the afternoon.

Once you know what you need to practice sandboarding, get the appropriate material to reinforce the safety of your own physical well-being.

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