The Municipal Swimming Pools Begin to Open Their Doors

During this week and throughout the month of June, the municipal swimming pools of each locality begin to open their doors for the summer. With the arrival of good weather and to alleviate the high temperatures, sports complexes become a good option. Some places on the peninsula such as Soria will not open their swimming pools until July, once the festivities of San Juan are over.

 Municipal Swimming Pools

It is convenient to go to our nearest municipal pool to inform us about their schedules and about their prices since in each city there are different regulations and costs. Normally, people registered in a municipality have discounts and there are also 10-use tickets with better prices than for those who are not enrolled.

There are different prices according to age since for example children and retirees pay less. There are also season tickets for bathers who want to go to the pool every day, and there are different deductions for families with incomes less than double the Interprofessional Minimum Wage.

The schedules pools may also vary, usually open from early in the morning until about 20 or 22 hours and weekends usually have longer hours.

Basic precautions in swimming pools

At the time of taking a bath in the municipal swimming pool as every year it is advisable to take into account basic precautions such as the following: the importance of swimming , bathing in areas supervised by lifeguards, respecting the regulations, not bathing after drinking alcohol and leaving immediately of water if you feel a headache, cramps, chills or vertigo.

In municipal swimming pools, it is important to use the appropriate footwear (flip-flops and rubber shoes) that we must use especially in humid areas exposed to the sun because it is where there is more fungal culture. We must always walk with them both when we approach the pool and in the changing rooms or showers. Anyway, it is advisable to take a shower before and after getting into the water to eliminate possible microorganisms.

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