The Bicycle, the Ideal Sport to Enjoy the Outdoors

The Bicycle, the Ideal Sport to Enjoy the Outdoors

According to the president of the Health Center of the German University of Sport, Dr. Probose, there is a relationship of inverse proportionality between those who use the bicycle and those who go to the doctor more frequently. If those people who come to the hospital for muscle problems, overweight or cardiovascular diseases often ride a bicycle, not only would improve their health, but these problems would disappear. And with only 10 minutes of pedaling you already get benefits in the level of muscles, joints and blood circulation.

The Bicycle, the Ideal Sport to Enjoy the Outdoors

Benefits of cycling for health

The health benefits of cycling are numerous, however, there are areas of our body that benefit in a special way. To use the bicycle in an assiduous way will have an impact mainly on the cardiovascular and muscular levels :

  • Direct benefits on your heart and the entire cardiovascular system: Riding a bicycle helps reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by more than 50%. As you pedal your heart rate increases considerably as blood pressure drops. In this way, the heart works by saving energy while reducing LDL cholesterol or damaging to health. In this way, the blood vessels are rejuvenated and gain in flexibility and resistance.
  • The back and abdominal area: The vast majority of backaches have their origin in physical inactivity. When riding a bicycle, we force our muscles to work under tension, which stimulates their strengthening and resistance. In addition, the continuous movement of the legs strengthens the resistance of the lower back in a very high way and prevents the appearance of herniated discs. In addition to the abdominal area, the dorsal vertebrae also benefit from the practice of this sport as they compress and extend alternately during pedaling.

So besides being fun and rewarding, if you ride your bike habitually your health will thank you. And we can not ignore that it is also a means of transport that is respectful of the environment and to which the main cities are increasingly encouraging, installing bicycle racks or providing bicycle rental service to move around the city in a sustainable manner.

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