Subaru Xv

Subaru Xv, Compact, Sporty and Resistant

Speed, endurance and strength are some of the skills necessary to undertake any elite sports activity. These same characteristics are what brings the new Subaru XV, do you want to know a little better? In that case, do not miss the next video.

Subaru Xv

How is the new Subaru XV?

Improving in all its aspects to its predecessor, the Subaru XV is presented as a completely new compact. For this model is still betting on the traction Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the own boxer engines, which has already made more than 17 million approximately.

From the aesthetic point of view, we have a compact and discreet compact in equal parts, with a distance between axes 30 mm higher than previous precedents. It is precisely the hexagonal grille in black that gives the front a sporty look, which will be reinforced with new front optics sharper design and, therefore, more avant-garde if possible.

If we penetrate inside, we will find really amazing details as is the case, for example, of the seams of the seats and moldings of the dashboard in orange. We are facing a spacious and practical interior.

Nor can we overlook the new 8-inch multifunction screen that presides over the dashboard of the Subaru XV and from which you can drive the so-called Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Likewise, it could be said that the second LCD screen located in a raised central position, in which the graphics are particularly innovative, is more important. The boot also increases five liters compared to the original model, reaching a total of 345 liters.

Another innovation that affects this vehicle is with respect to the so-called eyesight, the preventive safety system with braking and steering, which will reduce the number of accidents significantly.

This XV range comes with two engines and up to four trim levels. It has one of 1.6 of 114 CV and a 2.0 of 156 HP, both atmospheric. The finishes that we can highlight are Sport, Sports Plus and Executive Plus for 2.0.

What do you think of the new Subaru XV to undertake your journeys by road?

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