Main Rules of Curling, the Sport of Strategy

Do you know the rules of curling? Curling is a winter sport that faces two teams on an ice rink. Learn more about its rules in the next lines.

The competition is based on the sliding of granite stones on ice. When the pitcher has done his part, the rest of the team members use brushes to act on the icy surface and modify the direction of the stone or facilitate its advance.

Although it is not well known in our country, it is an Olympic sport since the end of the nineties. Even so, in Spain, there are curling clubs in the Basque Country, in Catalonia, Jaca, Leon, and Madrid.


How to play curling

To know how to play this sport, we must know some of the main rules of curling, which we highlight in the following lines:

-A game, called end is the delivery of 8 stones for each team. The team that wins an end will start the next one.

-The stones of the track that have touched the sideline, that do not go farther from the hogline and those that move farther from the bottom line, will be eliminated.

-Each team is composed of four members.

-The score is calculated based on the number of stones that have been placed as near as possible to the central area of ​​the house.

-The lead is the one in charge of throwing the first two stones, sweeps the rest of his teammates and will take care of the clock.

-The second will throw the next two stones and will sweep the stones of the first and third player.

-The vice-skip will launch the fifth and sixth stones, also designing the strategy.

-The skip is the captain of the team and guides him in the plays, in addition to throwing the seventh and eighth stones.

What do you think of these curling rules? Did you know them? Have you ever played this sport? How was your experience?

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